Dakhla Moroccan Sahara

Why Dakhla Sahara is worth visiting

The Dakhla is worth visiting place due to its beaches and different sites. This place is best for tourists, and they give them accommodation according to their budget. The food is best and famous. That’s why many people visit here. Best choice to visit Dakhla Sahara.

Dakhla attitude beach clubs:

An oasis in the middle of the Sahara is a worth visiting place. The beach location is the most peaceful place. It is the perfect place far from all the crowded resorts and cities. It is in the dunes of Sahara that is about 3km away from the main road. Only the sounds of winds and lagoons you can hear in this place. This place was made for suffers, but now families and couples come here to relax and enjoy.

This place has everything you want. It is like a city in the desert. Tasty foods, sports center, music and most important peace all you can over here. White sand in the dragon land, oyster farm to try fresh food gives you very good experiences. If you don’t like nautical sports, you can do yoga or dance in the pink bar at night. This the worth visiting place which will not let you bored.

Dakhla attitude is the best place for kite-surf. You can also book some kite surfing professional that can give you lessons. Dakhla is a paradise, windy capital of Morocco.

In Dakhla food is always served fresh and different. Every day there is a new menu for you. There is so much variety in breakfast such as fruits, different types bread, cereals, yogurt, scrambled eggs and many flavors jam, tea and hot chocolate. Lunch is always light and healthy served with salad and dessert. Dinner has stuffing and tasty dessert.

Sites in Dakhla oasis:


This is the ancient chamber. It has the structure of mud bricks. Chamber is only the one who is saved while other are devastate.

Deir al Haggar:

It is the old temple of sandstone. It is one of the masterpieces of Roman times. Some panels are preserved while some are covered with bird poop.

Ethnographic Museum:

This museum is like a traditional home. It has different areas for men and women visitors. Displaying the culture of an oasis with jewelry clothes and many other things.

Dakhla accommodations:

Dakhla offers the accommodation to tourists in their budget. Man surf accommodations are on the beach which is nice and simple but comfortable to stay at night.

Its totally depend on your choice where you want to stay. There are many places which are good also and in your budget as Hotel Bab Al Bahar.

For the luxury than Calipari is the best place to stay. This is the best place to stay in Dakhla. Dakhla attitude also offers you four types of accommodation, from which you can choose according to your preferences.

  • A Berber tent
  • A bungalow in the wild hunter’s camp
  • Dragon camp
  • VIP bungalows

The VIP bungalows give you the splendid view.