renewable energy

What is renewable energy and why should we use it?

It is a form of energy which is produced by the natural process and natural resources such as heat, wind, water, tides and sunlight. These resources can be replenished and renewed continuously to generate energy. These are used as an alternative to the energy generation by fossil fuels. Technologies for renewable energy generation include solar power, geothermal heat, hydroelectricity, wind power, biofuels for transportation and biomass.

Renewable energy sources

Sources to produce energy can be continuously replenished. Some of the sources of renewable energy are:

Solar power

It is a most serious source of energy generation. Solar power is an energy generation by using sunlight. It is a form of modern technology such as solar panels and cells for energy generation from sunlight. It is a powerful source of energy generation. It is called renewable because this energy generation process sunlight to produce electricity does not produce smoke. It does not produce carbon dioxide and other pollutants to pollute the environment and health problems.

Geothermal energy

It is a form of energy produced by heat deep down the earth. There is Melton rock found in the deep down of earth crust. Melton rock is melted from solid to liquid due to increased temperature below the earth surface. For example, generators use kinetic energy from the earth to produce electric current. It is called renewable energy source because earth produces heat continuously and rainfall renews water.


It is a source of renewable energy. Moving water has kinetic energy, and it is used to produce electricity. Hydroelectric systems allow dams to store water which is used to produce electricity to use at home. It can be used because water has gravitational potential energy. More water in reservoirs generates more electricity.

What is renewable energy sources?

Renewable energy is a source which is beneficial for society to use as a means to produce energy. It is a source which is better for the climate. It produces fewer air pollutants such as carbon dioxide and other air pollutants. It produces less toxic material in the air as compared to non-renewable sources of energy. It avoids health problems such as breath diseases, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Renewable energy is not dangerous while non-renewable energy cause health problems. Also, it produces less expensive electricity. Less cost is charged on the production of electricity by renewable energy sources. On the other hand, non-renewable energy is a source which is associated with higher cost.

So, it is better to use renewable energy source for the production of energy in society. It uses renewable sources such as sunlight, wind, water, tides and heat. These sources can be continuously replenished. These are sources which are less costly as compared to non-renewable energy sources. Moreover, it is beneficial to the society. It produces less toxic substances in the air. It is not dangerous for the environment and protects the health of people in society. It is a cheap source of producing energy.