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The strongest militaries in MENA region

The MENA region is always capturing attraction of people from all over the world. It is because this part of the world is highly rich in natural gas and petroleum reserves. Moreover, there are plenty of businesses and investment opportunities that entrepreneurs can avail. However, today, the debate is regarding MENA but is not on the economy or business. Right now, we are going to discuss the militaries and their assets. Here are the countries in the middle east with strongest militaries.


Turkey has the best military in the Arab world. There are around 400,000+ active military members that are serving the country. Their tanks are 3657 and have nearly 1000 aircraft in their arsenal. Moreover, there are 14 submarines that ensure the naval fleet has strong command. However, they do not have any nuclear warheads.


The second strongest military force in this region is Israel. The army does not have a lot of active members as the estimation is about 176,500 personals serving in the military. However, the fact that they have heavy artillery in their hand makes them a big power. They are the only country in MENA region with nuclear warheads and the number is somewhere between 80 to 200. Moreover, with 14 submarines, 680 aircraft, and 3870 tanks, the military is ready to give any army a tough time.


With the strongest air fleet, Egypt is the 3rd greatest army in the region. They have 1100 aircraft that are ready for operation. Moreover, they have second largest military force in the area with over 468,500 active members. They got 4 submarines and 4767 tanks in their system. And topping it all, they also have a decent defense annual budget.


There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Iran and their support for nuclear projects. They are the fourth most powerful military in the Middle East. The country leads in two sectors. They have the largest number of employees in the military which is 545,000. Moreover, they also possess most number of submarines in this region that is 31. And with 2400+ tanks and nearly 500 aircraft, they can give any army tough time on land, in the air and in water.

Saudi Arabia

Talking about the Arab World and the Middle East, the Saudi military is at number 5. They have the biggest budget for their military but are yet to build some great assets. They have around 233,500 active military personals with nearly 1100 tanks in their artillery. Moreover, the air force is supported with 650+ aircraft that are ready for operation. However, they are yet to make a mark in a submarine and nuclear sector.


Though going through some serious crisis, the Syrian military should not be taken out of the equation. It has 178,000 serving personals. There are about 475 aircraft that are working for Syrian air force. The most notable thing is that they possess the greatest number of tanks in MENA. They have nearly 5000 tanks!


So, this is some information regarding militaries in MENA region. Note that the things may be slightly different because these are estimations of what the armies might have in their arsenal.