How selfies help people in connecting with each other on social media

The life you see on social media is quite different from the life you and your friends are actually living. The social media website were initially created to bring people closer to each other by providing them with means of communication, to lower the distance by allowing the people to chat. But unfortunately, with time, social media has become a marketing giant in itself. People are now using it more as a tool to either show off themselves to or to display their product or businesses.

All of this is done only through picture sharing option. The sharing of picture or photos has become a trend and people are using it as a tool to stay on the top. The platform which was made to stay connected is now used to stay on the top.

Connecting Through Selfies

However people claim that taking picture or selfies help them to stay connected to each other through social media, as they believe that this helps them in increasing followers from tweetnfollow, getting invited to more parties or events, people now recognize them more than before, they get messages from people asking them to share more posts, all of this makes them feel more wanted and needed. They believe that this gives them a sense of achievement in itself. They say that they feel much confident when people follow them and know what they are doing.

Share on Twitter & Instagram

People believe that sharing selfie makes them get closer as it allows the user to tap into the elements that make us all humans; like for example the joy of a good selfie, the need of feeling important, the sense of recognition, all of these are important elements in human life and psychology. People often misunderstand the drive of taking a selfie, selfies actually help people to interact with each helps them to show how much the other person or thing is important to them, it also helps them to display what they value the most .like, for example, people often take selfies with animals, it main motivation behind taking this selfie is that they want to display how much they like animals and how much they value them.

Celebrity Selfies

Fulfillment is another reason why people believe that taking selfies is important to them, selfies are now like a focal point, people now take selfies regardless of what they are sharing or doing. They like to share their lives with hundreds of people. Everybody considers themselves a celebrity while doing that. Like many years ago only celebrities were the people recognize by every other individual but now thanks to social media and pictures sharing every other person can get famous in just one night.

Selfie Craze

As much as the selfie craze helps people in standing out it also helps them in proving that they belong to something or they belong to someone. Many people use selfies to start a trend regarding a particular cause or event.