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How can social media change all of our lives

How can social media change all of our lives? You can gain through social media, promote a whole brand and right there is your career job but most of us just use it to follow everyone else. We learn so much through social media but most of the time do not use it. We engage then disengage, losing the whole purpose of why we even signed up for social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. We spit our whole lives to social media but still look around for more things to fill this void that we think we have. Little do we all know we can use social media to an advantage. Make an Instagram profile look sharp. Not sharp like a knife but sharp like appealing. If you’re trying to gain and your profile looks shoddy no one is going to follow you, so I suggest you delete everything and start completely over. Make your photos look amazing. Upload your absolute best images. Your photos should be eye catching and HD. When showing a brand continue to post it and get family and others into it to support it so others will see that what your boasting about is purposeful. If you know your camera quality is not that nice, then don’t attempt to build an audience on Instagram until you can make your camera quality near perfect.

Learn how to filter and edit to ensure they look their best before sharing to your platform. Taking time to make Instagram look appealing will pay off in the end when you get Instagram famous and use it for money. A Certain type of photos will turn heads or follow other trends. Like certain teas or makeup brands. Beach pictures, Food porn, Sunset pictures, Makeup, Best brands and Reflection photos will make people want to be a photographer themselves or make people want to pick up on what you are doing. Depending on the audience of Instagram already has that’s what someone should choose to post, if a lot of someone’s followers love shoes then they should post the new best Jordans or Adidas. A difference from everyone else makes you unique so find it. Showing your personal life probably isn’t exactly what people want to see, like what are they suppose to gain from that? Give the people something to take from your profile. Get your photos noticed, use hashtags that people commonly use or engage in follow trains on Instagram. Interact with people you follow or follow you, being a ghost follower on Instagram will lose members more than gaining them. Being active and beautiful is the way to go and most importantly, to be honest, and real is what people will love about you. Do some giveaways or make a trend, most people are into weird or different things so putting effort into something you want to set will most likely pop off for something new. Honestly, think about the many pictures you scroll through on Instagram and think about which ones your pay attention to and hop on that. Getting a job through social media is time taking. Highly focusing will show you more.

The ideas and thing you need to give out will come to mind over a week or sometimes a month, just depend on you. You are going to eventually see why your social media isn’t getting anywhere or why it is getting somewhere. If your not patient being committed to the social media is going to be hard so be patient. You can do other things on the side just make sure you take out some time to pay attention to your Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or other social medias you have. You can even pay people to promote whatever you give or when you hit a certain amount you can get people to pay you to promote their business. When people start to reach out to you, and you acknowledge it your opening up new opportunities. You can’t be boring like I stressed being different or fun is going to push you to a new level. You can follow the leader or the leader, follow what other people already do and make it your thing too or start something new for people to follow. Social media can make you stacks of money, don’t be socially awkward be an open book. You don’t have to have a 4.0 GPA, but you have to be smart with strategies like keeping updated on the news through blogs or even using social media to stay up with upcoming ideas. A lot of people already work in the social media field so talk to those people and get some pointers/advice. Ask partner with different people and mash up fun, creative ideas that you think everyone will love. A unique idea is jumping out of your skin, not literally but doing something you’d think you never would do and wearing or doing things not everyone does. Being average is okay but being something else that not everyone sees every day will grab attention quick. Now, you can learn through social media for school and personally. You obviously learn from social media for school because that’s the upcoming new thing. Engage in different activities online for classrooms and connect with different teachers and professors for extra help. Teachers can even learn through social media by talking to other teachers and paying attention to the student through social media, so they know what to teach. That’s the way social media can teach in school, but personally, it’s a different thing. The school is not going to teach you how to live and be happy and love. Social media can show you a lot of views. You can learn different religions and fall in love with the way that religion teaches God. Culture is a big thing now and seeing the way Black Women or Whites are acting now can touch you in a way. On social media, you will see things you would never see in the daily life.

Social media opens a big door in society overall, you feel different things and go through things in your life that are hard and social media can be a gateway for you and can teach others because they learned from your experiences. Like about your Instagram page people can learn stuff from you and follow you because they are happy with what you posted. We see drama on social media and can intentionally learn that drama isn’t the way to go. People can be themselves on social media and say all they want to comfort themselves. Some people also prefer to buy real Instagram followers to enhance their growth on Instagram. Over time you probably learn not to be so socially awkward and learn how to be funny and exciting. These are things that people don’t tell you about social media, everyone just says the same old about business and money, but there’s more in the world. Now, for the original things, social media can teach you how to sell things, make things, build things and engage. It can open you up to so many new opportunities or show you the opposite that social media maybe isn’t the way to go. In the end, social media will show you something important and benefit you without you even knowing, it an environmental and social indicator. It’s more important than you think, you can throw it away or be with the program. Your ideas for social media won’t be easy; nothing comes easy as a lot of people say. Designing a platform for Instagram is the top priority to drawing in new people and creating a job for yourself. You can learn new ways to engage and new ways to be into business without school guiding you because it is an individual thing that you put yourself into it.